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Dsquery is a command-line tool that is available on Windows Server and available if Active Directory Domain. How to search AD in windows 10 · Click on the Windows symbol on the bottom left corner. · Windows rundll32 ,OpenQueryWindow. To get the dsquery command on latest Windows10 go to: Apps and Features – Manage optional features – Add a Feature – install RSAT: Active Directory Domain.


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Upgrade to Microsoft Edge to take advantage of the latest features, security updates, and technical support. Finds groups in the directory that match the search criteria that you specify. Dsquery is a command-line tool that is built into Windows Server To use dsquery , you must run the dsquery command from an elevated command prompt. To open an elevated command prompt, click Start , right-click Command Prompt , and then click Run as administrator.

Specifies the node in the console tree where the search starts. If you specify forestroot , dsquery searches by using the global catalog. The default value is domainroot. Specifies the format that dsquery uses to display the search results. A dn value displays the distinguished name of each entry. An rdn value displays the relative distinguished name of each entry.

The default value is dn. Specifies the scope of the search. A subtree value specifies a subtree that is rooted at the start node in the console tree. A onelevel value specifies the immediate children of the start node only. A base value specifies the single object that the start node represents. The default value is subtree.

Connects a computer to a remote server or domain that you specify. By default, dsquery connects the computer to the domain controller in the logon domain. Specifies the user name with which the user logs on to a remote server. By default, -u uses the user name with which the user logged on. You can use any of the following formats to specify a user name:. Specifies that the search use recursion or follow referrals during search.

By default, the search will not follow referrals during search. Specifies the number of objects to return that matches the criteria that you specify. If you do not specify this parameter, dsquery displays the first results by default. Specifies that dsquery formats output or input data in Unicode. The following list explains each format.

The results from a dsquery search can be piped as input to one of the other directory service command-line tools, such as Dsget, Dsmod, Dsmove, or Dsrm. If you supply multiple values for a parameter, use spaces to separate the values, for example, a list of distinguished names. To find all groups in the current domain whose names start with “ms” and whose descriptions start with “admin”, and then display their distinguished names, type:.

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