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GitHub – zerodha/cppkiteconnect: C++ Kite Connect API library / SDK.

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Kite Connect API client for Python — Zerodha Technology Pvt. Kite Connect API is meant to enable startups to build innovative trading & investment platforms. Retail traders can also use the API to build their own.

How to use Zerodha API?.


Access token is automatically set if the session is retrieved successfully. For example:. Note that the results could be large, several hundred KBs in size, with tens of thousands of entries in the list.

A callback method that handles session errors can be set here and when the client encounters a token error at any point, it’ll be called. This callback, for instance, can log the user out of the UI, clear session cookies, or initiate a fresh login.

An order can be executed in tranches based on market conditions. These trades are individually recorded under an order. Auto reconnection is enabled by default and it can be disabled by passing reconnect param while initialising KiteTicker. Auto reonnection mechanism is based on Exponential backoff algorithm in which next retry interval will be increased exponentially.

Stop the event loop. Reconnection mechanism cannot happen past this method. Pre-login, this will default to None, but once you have obtained it, you should persist it in a database or session to pass to the Kite Connect class initialisation for subsequent requests.

Unless you explicitly want to send API requests to a non-default endpoint, this can be ignored. Reuse session for every request. Otherwise create session for each request if pool: self. Only functions are accepted. Initialise a new Kite Connect client instance. Defaults to 7 seconds proxies to set requests proxy. Check python requests documentation for usage and examples.

Retrieve historical data candles for an instrument. Retrieve the list of market instruments available to trade. Kill the session by invalidating the access token. Invalidate refresh token. Get the remote login url to which a user should be redirected to initiate the login flow.

Retrieve last price for list of instruments. Get account balance and cash margin details for a particular segment. Retrieve OHLC and market depth for list of instruments. Get history of individual order. Calculate margins for requested order list considering the existing positions and open orders params is list of orders to retrive margins detail.

Retrieve the list of trades executed for a particular order. Retrieve quote for list of instruments. Set a callback hook for session TokenError — timeout, expiry etc. Retrieve the list of trades executed all or ones under a particular order. Getting started:! Nothing after this will run. You have to use the pre-defined callbacks to manage subscriptions. Check below for sample structure. Getting started: ! Defaults to 60s and minimum acceptable value is 5s. Defaults to 50 attempts and maximum up to attempts.

Defaults to 30s. Initialise websocket client instance. Establish a websocket connection. Set streaming mode for the given list of tokens. Reconnection mechanism cannot happen past this method “”” reactor.


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Kite Connect API client for Python — Zerodha Technology Pvt. Zerodha Kite Connect has several APIs that create a great investment and trading platform. Orders are executed in real-time, you can stream live market data. To sign up for Kite Connect, you need to create a developer account. Visit this page to open a developer account. You can check the API documentation for.

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