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Manage Teams for iOS and Android with Intune | Microsoft Docs

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If the script successfully runs, it will never run again. This license grants the device:. Have a naming standard for all Teams Rooms resource accounts. Use the proper casing to ensure the configuration takes effect. They’re assigned to all users. However, personal device and corporate device both can be enrolled to intune.

Microsoft teams room android intune.Deploy Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android

Teams Room devices can be enrolled and managed by Intune to provide many of the device management and security capabilities available to other. Use Intune app protection and configuration policies with Teams for iOS and Android to ensure team collaboration experiences are always. Centrally managing Microsoft Teams Room devices is a must, especially if you’re in charge of a large fleet of devices, spread across multiple.


– MS Teams/ Intune – Unable to enroll Teams room for Android – Microsoft Q&A


Check for supported hardware here. Not recommended Some devices to have Wifi built in to them, but its always best to cable them into the network via Ethernet. You may also wish to enable remote Powershell if you want to remotely run commands on the MTR — although generally speaking this isnt recommended as you can run PowerShell commands on the MTR from the Intune portal.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Search Search for:. Welcome to part 3 of managing Microsoft Teams room devices within Intune.

Should I create configuration profiles for my MTRs? What are the recommended profiles to configure for an MTR? Administrative Templates Yes — Although I would not recommend this. Certificates Yes — if required within your environment. Windows Information Protection Not recommended Once you have selected the template you wish to configure give the template a meaningful name Configure the profile Assign the profile to your MTR device group and click create.

Click OK to save the changes. Typically, compliance policies defined within Intune are assigned to groups of users. This means that if you assign an Android compliance policy to user contoso. If you use Conditional Access, which requires Intune enrollment to be enforced, in your organization, there are a couple things you need to set up to allow for a successful Intune enrollment:. Before devices can be enrolled into Intune, there are a few basic steps to perform.

If you are already managing devices with Intune today, you probably have already done all these things. If not, here’s what to do:. If you’ve never used Intune before, you need to set the MDM authority before you can enroll devices.

For more information, see Set the mobile device management authority. This is a one-time step that has to be done upon creating a new Intune tenant. Android-based Teams devices are managed as device administrator devices with Intune.

Device administrator enrollment is off by default for newly created tenants. See Android device administrator enrollment. Users of Teams devices enrolling to Intune must be assigned a valid Intune license. For more information, see Assign licenses to users so they can enroll devices in Intune. Assign it to the Azure Active Directory group that contains the users that will be signing into the Teams devices.


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