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If you want to track your fasting times and monitor your diet, Fastient is one of the more comprehensive tracking apps available. You’ll have access to over recipes, weekly challenges, and the ability to build a personal plan.

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Besides fasting, you can also log your weight, waist circumference, glucose, and ketones. Probably one of the most advanced trackers as well! In-app community. You can join one of the 60k existing circles or create your own with the people you know. Collection of intermittent fasting articles and videos. Feed feature. You also have your feed, which will fill up with posts from your fellow fasters in your circles. Your fasting statistics. It even shows the hours in ketosis part, which is basically the part during which Intermittent Fasting does its magic.

Get It Here. These are the main reasons to get DoFasting app:. It all starts with a short quiz right at the beginning, which tailors the app to your needs and goals. It will ask you about your level of fasting expertise, eating preferences, fitness level, and a few other questions.

Fasting Tracking. Personalized meal plans. Based on your answers on the sign-up quiz, you get your daily caloric intake. It also includes recipes and macros that make following a meal plan really easy. A super handy feature if you want to improve what you eat, not only when you eat.

Workout Plan. Based on your fitness level settings, you get workout suggestions with the full exercise plan and video demos. Lots of knowledge that is easily accessible at all times. Pretty standard, but really handy feature. Weight Tracking. I like how visual it is, shows your current weight and how much weight did you lose. Combine Intermittent Fasting with Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, and any other diets to reach maximum results; DoFasting has more than 20 different diet types available within the app.

Calorie tracker. Easily log calories of each meal consumed. Tracking your calories has never been easier! Step tracker. Track your activity steps , set goals, and see how many calories you have burned. Also — thanks to this close cooperation while undergoing DoFasting app review, I was able to get some insider knowledge that the DoFasting team is working on a major app uplift.

Check out my Youtube DoFasting app review here. Download DoFasting App:. Flexible fasting times History and stats on your fasts and weight Notes feature Resources on intermittent fasting. These are the main reasons to get Zero fasting app:. Flexible fasting times. Zero fasting app lets you pick from popular intermittent fasting types or create your own custom fast.

History, stats and notes on your fasts and weight. You can check your fasting and weight statistics and also leave post-fast notes.

Useful information on intermittent fasting. Zero app, you will find studies, articles, videos and podcasts to learn more about the intermittent fasting lifestyle. Flexible fasting tracking Stats on your past fasts Reminders and notifications. These are the main reasons to get FastHabit intermittent fasting app:. Flexible fasting tracking. You can choose how many hours to fast. Something came up? Feel free to stop, restart, or adjust your fast at any time.

Statistics on your past fasting history. Fasthabit fasting tracker has streaks feature and free version gives access to data on your past 10 day fasts. Reminders and notifications. This fasting app has an option to choose days and times for fasting reminders and receive notifications about your ongoing fast. Weekly schedule mode Manual mode Progress tracking.

These are the main reasons to get MyFast intermittent fasting app:. Weekly schedule mode. MyFast App has two fasting tracking options- manual and weekly schedule where you can plan your fasting times ahead for the whole week. Manual fasting tracking mode. This fasting app allows adding flexible fasting times and editing them real time.

Fasting progress tracking. MyFast tracker visualizes your fasting history and weight loss progress in some good-looking charts. These are the main reasons to get BodyFast intermittent fasting app:. More than 10 intermittent fasting plans available. Weight, body measurement and water intake tracking. This fasting app has an easy-to-use tracking feature not only for your fasting and eating times but also for other important measurements. A handy feature for all the intermittent fasting fans.

Resources on intermittent fasting. Looking for more tips on IF? FAQ on intermittent fasting apps. Which is the best free intermittent fasting app? Which would be the best prolonged or water fasting app? How does Life Fasting app work? How does Do Fasting app work?

I’m looking for a do fasting app review. Can you share your review? Want to know more about Intermittent Fasting? Research and text by:.

Tauras Sinkus. More on Intermittent Fasting. I know if my family eats late, they always try to save me some for the next day during my eating period. A big plus was that I can have a fasting buddy! My boyfriend also has food controlling problems, he tends to eat very late at night and doesnt have a routine applied. It has helped him lose fat in some areas of his figure!

And develop a great routine for him to eat. And for me too! So far Ive lost 7 pounds in the last week. Im not starving myself, Im drink more water and I feel so much better than before! The different levels of fasting also help too. Ill consider Fastic Plus in the future. Track all types of intermittent fasting, from time-restricted eating to alternate-day fasting. Also log your progress with weight, waist circumference, ketones and blood glucose. You dont have to do it alone. Create Circles of friends, co-workers or others to share your successes.

Learn about the health benefits of intermittent fasting, tips, tricks and more. Our science-backed information is reviewed at least quarterly by our team of scientists. Plus Point : Diverse background knowledge on Intermittent Fasting with scientific evidence.

The app makes fasting easier by providing an exact day meal plan with delicious and nutritious dishes that allow you to survive lent without hunger. It counts hours and tells you when to eat and when to fast. You can change the time as per your needs.

It will remind and train you every day so that you can easily manage your day intermittent fasting. The app is equipped with an intuitive dashboard, where you can track your weight loss and success. The premium version offers support at the personal level.

They have experts to answer your questions in detail. Intermittent fasting is one of the more famous eating plans that has proven to be fruitful to many. Not only does periodic fasting aid in the conventional weight loss needs, but it also does good for people who suffer from chronic conditions and autoimmune diseases.

However, we must even acknowledge that intermittent fasting is rather challenging. The eating plan requires one to be mindful of the time and when they are eating.

This is exactly where intermittent fasting apps come in handy. These apps, along with other fitness apps, are changing the fitness industry. Like every other eating plan and diet, intermittent fasting, too, requires discipline, willpower, and mindfulness.

But unlike most diet plans which are almost unrealistic, this is a doable plan. To make intermittent fasting even more manageable, many intermittent fasting apps can help! Now, when we say a lot, we mean a lot, think thousands. But not all of them are the best, right?

So today, let us take a look at the best apps for intermittent fasting in ! Leverage our wide range of mobile app development services to build a next-generation intermittent fasting app.

We ensure you to deliver high-quality apps that help the users to maintain their diet effectively and stay healthy. Would you like to stand out from the best intermittent fasting app available in the market? Connect with our experts right now! The window app is stuffed with features to simplify intermittent fasting for you.

It allows you to organize your eating windows, get notified when your scheduled eating windows opens and closes, and also provide recommendations on how to be generally healthier. The paid version of the app allows you to pick from various fasting plans, add daily notes and photos, and monitor your weight. This app is ideal for beginners. It keeps you motivated with visuals that allow you to track your progress easily.

Zero is one of the best apps for intermittent fasting and has over a million downloads and 10 million completed fasts. It is an easy intermittent fasting tracker app that assists users to synchronize their intermittent fasting with their biological clock.

Zero has timers, notes, and all the necessary tools to get you started. The intermittent fasting app also has articles on useful topics like fasting in quarantine, what to drink while fasting, and getting better sleep. The premium version provides personalized plans, bonus articles, and videos.

But the free version is also very useful. But the tricky intermittent fasting cycles can mess up your mind without a proper schedule. On top of that, you might need time-to-time notifications to keep yourself on track when fasting. So, what are the best apps for intermittent fasting you can install in ? Well, since the Android and iOS stores are flooded with apps for every use, picking a suitable option can get hard. But worry not, this guide lists down the 6 most successful intermittent fasting apps thatll help you stay committed to a diet plan and see yourself in better shape.

If thats you, consider using one of these fasting trackers to remind you of start and end times and to keep tabs on how well youve stuck to your plan in the past.

All fasting apps are glorified timers. You tell them when you start your fast, and theyll count down the hours until you get to eat again. When youre in a feeding window, theyll let you know how long is left. Beyond that, they can be as fancy or as simple as you like.

Honestly, you can eat whatever you want on the diet. Think: grilled chicken, half of a sweet potato, and a grilled vegetable for lunch or dinner. While it may be tempting to feast when you break your fast, you should aim for a small protein-rich snack that you can eat slowly. The Zero app allows users to select which fasting method they would like to use.

For example, whether you wish to try the , , alternate-day fasting, or any other method, you input your preference and Zero will notify you when to begin and end your fast.

It is more of a reminder app than anything else. Starting an intermittent fasting schedule can seem quite daunting, especially when unsure of what method will achieve the best results. LIFE Fasting Tracker allows its users to have any fasting cycle they wish to as it lets the user input the start and stop times. This is a great option for beginners or those who want to work fast around a particular diet or lifestyle.

Many keto dieters use this app as it has a special feature that can tell you if you are in ketosis. LIFE Fasting Tracker has a great social feature where you can chat with friends and fast with each other.

There is also a library packed with guides and scientific data that beginners may wish to inform themselves of. It is less strict than other apps and a sustainable method for those looking to start out with fasting. BodyFast is a fasting app with similar features to other apps.


What Is The Best Free Fasting App – .10 Best Apps for Intermittent Fasting – Free Fasting Apps

Get a free consultation and let us know your app idea to turn it into an amazing digital product. Pricing varies, but you can choose from one-month, three-month, six-month, and yearly plans. Like with any diet regime, there are some drawbacks. Upgrading removes ads and allows you to continue to use the app.


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